The protective car cover is designed to protect the vehicle from ordinary wear and weather. The car cover guarantees protection from scratches and accidental smears when the vehicle is parked inside. When is exposed to the outside it ensures a shield from UV rays that permanently damage the paint and a total protection from weather such as dirt and debris fallen from the trees. The car cover avoids the deposit of water, leaves and other materials on the vehicle.


This elastic car cover is made of a resistant breathable fabric in order to guarantee the release of humidity and heat that would otherwise be trapped under the cover. The fabric is composed of 3 layers, the two outer layers resist moisture and pollutants, while the inner layer acts as an extra barrier against rain, hail and debris. The double stitching on the elastic band guarantees maximum resistance and easy application and removal.


A custom car cover is made specifically for the specific car model. The exact measurements of the car are considered so as to best cover the contours and the shape of the car. Custom printing can be done in color on the entire surface of the sheet, with the exception of the lower area near the seam of the elastic.