Material samples are a unique solution to display samples in a pratical and elegant way. Depending on the size, material samples can contain a multitude of labelled samples. Mostly used for fabric swatches or colour samples in the textile industry, they are a great match for wooden or paint samples too. Its design is shaped based on the type of sample it contains. Material samples can be tied together by a leather lace held tight by a screw that goes through its whole depth. As well as just a screw which keeps a strong cardboard as cover for the samples. We offer multiple options for branding to meet custom and specific needs.


Every fabric swatch set is a collection of textile samples designed for the textile industry to display the whole range of existing fabrics or cloth. It is an essential tool for manufacturers to show a wide selection of available designs in various colorways to customers without the necessity of having large rolls of fabric in hand. The back of the set is custom-made in rigid carbard or wood and the branding is printed or engraved. This elegant solution for samples makes it easy to fit inside a sample box.


A sample book is a catalogue for textile samples and colours. Its efficiency is due to the large surface where samples are glued, leaving enough space to add more informations such as the material description, its codes and general specifications.  Sample books usually come with an index for a quick reference. Every catalogue is custom made in rigid cardboard and covered with leather or velvet. Angualar metal pieces are placed on the corners to protect them from scratches, hits or other damages. A sample book is the final solution to display nicely all the material samples and is fully customizable in its design.