The choice of metal is important for any type of plate, as is the finish. A personalized aluminum tag will give a shiny result, while a brass tag will give a more artisanal look. A steel plate finished with abs or silicone details lends itself to supports with a modern or minimal design. The contrast between glossy and satin or between the relief and the engraving, stand out more the logo.


Engraving is the most chosen finish for all customized tags. The light accompanies her, which with the projection of shadows gives an idea of the depth of the finish. This type of plates can have a type of incision with a slight groove or completely perforated so as to see through.


The embossed customized plates stands out with elegance the details of the logo. The contrast with the surface on which it is laid can be further emphasized by a type of glossy or satin finish. The color enamelling on the relief parts offers the plate a greater emphasis on details, for a more impactful solution we recommend an aluminum or anodized steel support.


Self-adhesive plates are applied to the support without having to drill with screws. The seal is guaranteed by the quality of the adhesive, both for high temperatures and for weathering or washing. This type of personalized labels lends itself particularly to all those media whose integrity one wishes to maintain while inserting one’s signature in an original and elegant manner.


The micro steel type custom metal plates is the latest trend in the industry, so thin that it doesn’t even look like a metal plate. With less than 2 mm thickness and adhesive backing, it becomes particularly suitable for non-linear surfaces, thanks to its extreme flexibility. Resists without problems to high temperatures and weather.


Polished plates give more shine and contrast between the colors. The colors shine with light reflections and make the nameplate clearly visible by highlighting the logo on any surface. Polished plates have a high-strength adhesive backing to avoid aesthetic contrasts with screws and rivets.