Any sample box is a game changing factor in sales. Its purpose is to enlight the qualities and prestige of the different kinds of samples it holds, giving more value to the product. Any sample box is specifically designed for the samples it will hold. Standard interiors are made in strong cardboard, covered with faux leather of different types of fabric, based on the samples that contains.


KYM collection is a custom made set of sample boxes designed to keep elegantly all kinds of samples. Its Blue Navy colour is specifically tailored as custom design for fashion brands. Its high quality interiors are made in wood and covered with a blue navy soft velvet.


Every sample box is custom made for the type of samples it will hold. All of the samples inside will stay put during transport because of its custom design, guaranteeing the maximum safety for the samples. The closure, depending of the specific needs can be made with magnets or interlocking.


Custom made interiors for sample boxes are the final touch for prestigious samples like wood, glass or marble. The design for a high quality interior in a sample box can be made in wood covered with velvet, silk, leather or faux-leather. Economic but practical versions of custom interiors are made with foam or strong cardboard covered with fabric or faux leather. Every sample box interior is fully customizable in materials and shapes to meet custom and specific needs for branding.


Endurance and time are the weak points for binders, for this reason we designed sample boxes that hold and protect binders and catalogues from scartches and damages cause by transport.  Velvet covered or real leather binders will not suffer any form o damage as they are protect by a foldable box, very practical for the exposition as it unfolds displaying elegantly the samples it contains. The strong cardboard is designed to fit the branding of the company and is reinforced by angular piecese in metal, silver or gold on the edges.